Essex Azure Talent Yarn Show Shirt Girls Print Collar $75.00

Stunning Wrap Collar Show Shirt.

With natural comfort stretch and a tapered fit, The Essex ClassicsKids Talent YarnAzure Wrap Collar Show Shirt stays sharp and sporty in between classes.

This Talent Yarn ShowShirtofferscool and refreshing nano tech fabric with contrast fabric trim, UV sun protection, mesh under sleeve ventilation panels, antibacterial and deodorizing elements. A comfortable show shirt with collar snaps that can be repositioned.

Essex ClassicsKidsTalent Yarn Azure Show Shirt offers:

  • Long sleeves, wrap collar
  • Under sleeve mesh ventilation
  • Comfort stretch
  • UV protection, antibacterial and deodorizing elements
  • Collar snap repositioning
  • Contrast fabric trim
  • Kids sizing
  • Azure blue

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